Grand Opening: Giveaway!

We are very happy to announce that Oh Buoy Boston is now open for business! To celebrate, we are giving away one of our Edgartown Vineyard Bracelets, featuring an anchor in Oh Buoy's classic colors.

To enter: Follow our blog on Bloglovin and/or with Google Friend Connect (you can find both follow buttons in the right hand column). Once you are following along, leave us a comment on this post, letting us know where your favorite coastal spot is (it's hard to choose just one!). Contest will end one week from today, and the winner will be picked at random.

Make sure to check out the store here, and be sure to check back frequently as we grow our inventory! Each item is hand crafted in Boston. Email us if you have any questions!


  1. Oo Oo pick me pick me! My favorite coastal spot is behind my Aunt Peggy's house in Orleans, on the bay side of Cape Cod. It is the home of great memories, incredible and diverse tidal pools and beautiful views (the bay side is also always warmer than the sometimes frigid ocean).

    Great job on your launch guys! Everything looks amazing!

  2. So excited and proud of you ladies! Super excited to see what is to come - everything looks amaz!

    My favorite coastal spot in Newburyport, MA on the docks downtown. Very few things beat sitting on those wooden planks with a good book, a warm breeze, and a harbor of boats as your background.

  3. Congrats guys! This is so exciting.

    I don’t think Canada’s coast ever gets enough love. It’s a little chillier, but still gorgeous. I used to go out East for the summers and I’m in love with the Maritimes, especially Cape Breton Island. There’s a road called the Cabot Trail, and it’s home to some of the most stunning views. I wish I had the summers off to go back.

    Looking forward to shopping your store!

  4. Lovely pieces! Can't wait to check out the online store.


  5. That's awesome!! Thank you for following my blog! I'm a new follower now!! Love these items and hand crafted in Boston? That is so cool! I am loving your blog!!


  6. congratulations..any place on the North Shore is heavenly to me..our coastline is beautiful..

  7. Found your blog and shop on Pinterest...congratulations! I love heading up to Camden, Maine in the summer.

  8. CONGRATS! This is really exciting to see young adults become entrepreneurs & be so passionate about it! AND it's unique! The etsy shop is so cute - will definitely be purchasing your items for gifts in the future!

    My favorite coastal spot has to be West Dennis on the Cape. I have grandparents that live one mile from the beach, and whenever I am there, it is the epitome of what New England is to me: out-of-this-world seafood (lobstah & oystahs), happy hours on the porch, cool evenings, Cuffy's, runs on the shoreline, Sundae School, and more with family. Just perfection.

  9. I am obsessed already!! Love you girls! My favorite coastal spot is definitely Camp Wingate*Kirkland in Yarmouthport, MA. Its on a little pond right on the Barnstable line, and is the cutest little place where I called home every summer of my childhood :)

    Good luck with everything! xo


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