Starting the Holidays at West Elm #ohwhatfun

Last week we welcomed in the holiday season with West Elm at a Christmas stocking crafting event.  We had a great time chatting with the other ladies at our table and trying to create our masterpieces (we were told it would take 5 minutes or so. An hour later, we were all still going...). What do you think about our final products?!
P.S. West Elm has an Instagram contest going right now. Make sure to stop by a store and post a pic using one of their signs and #ohwhatfun. These were our entries!


Want It Wednesday - Mixed Prints

Mixing prints—fashion faux pas or on trend? We vote on trend... that is of course if you do it right. Here's a few tips: 

Animal prints and a classic tartans make a perfect pair.
Thick, bold stripes go with almost anything. 
Use black and white prints as a base, then layer colors on top. 
Mix textures for a more subtle look.

What are your favorite combos??

What are you favorite combos?


Oh Buoy Abodes - Turkey Before Tinsel

We'll admit it, once November 1st hits we are ready for Christmas time. While the tree might not go up for another month, we are definitely ramping up the holiday spirit. However, our favorite eating holiday does tend to get overshadowed by the excitement. In our homes, we tend to forego the turkey decorations and skip straight from Halloween pumpkins to Christmas. These photos and prints give a little inspiration to slow down at this time of year and be thankful.


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I will admit it. I (Lindsey) am addicted to podcasts. At any given time, I have one of my favorites playing in my ear buds. On my walk to work, sitting at my desk, riding the T, or grabbing groceries—I'm listening to conversations and stories that keep me entertained and informed. Amanda recently asked me for some podcast recommendations and I was more than happy to talk her ear off about my top choices. Here's a little bit about each of my favorites. 
What podcasts do you love??


Oh Buoy Abodes - Mud Room

This weekend brought some seriously cold, wet, and windy weather to the Northeast. With one look out the window, I immediately started digging around in my closet for my boots, mittens, hats, and winter coat, still packed up from last year. It got me thinking about a great space to store my plethora of winter necessities throughout the cold seasons. 

A house in New England just isn't complete without a good mud room, especially in the winter. And just because it's called a mud room, does not mean it has to be dirty and messy. Here's some inspiration from some beautifully functional spaces.