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Amanda's brother (on banjo) and his band submitted an entry for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest, and we are so impressed!! Make sure to give it a listen, and good luck boys!

An amazing time layer-lapse video of Boston.

Even though it isn't yet time for Spring cleaning, staying organized is at the top of many people's New Year's Resolutions lists. Stick with it this year with these tips for de-cluttering your home.


Wanderlust: Palazzo Avino

This one has it all. Gorgeous setting with picturesque views, historic architecture, delicious dining...can we please have 2 tickets to the Amalfi Coast, stat?
The Palazzo Avino opened in 1997, renovated from a 12th Century private villa owned by Italian nobility, perched on a cliff overlooking a historic fishing town and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.

The rooms are decorated with 18th Century antiques, and magnificent views.
Can you believe that, for centuries, this was a home??
Pure bliss.
Would have no trouble relaxing in the beautifully tiled spa...
The Solarium. Could lounge here all day long.
Photos via Palazzo Avino


Reader's Request: Totally Totes

We love to hear from our readers! Hilary wrote to us on Facebook last week with a request for tote bag suggestions professional enough for interviews but also durable for everyday use & carting her computer around:

"Hey oh buoy! Happy New Year! I am looking to make a career change in 2015, and want to change my "work look" as well. The Longchamp Le Pliage tote I have had for 5 years has served me well, but I need a new work tote that will make me look a little more polished at interviews. As my sister taught me, invest in a good quality version of something once, take care of it, and you'll have it for a long while. I'm looking for a leather tote large enough to fit my 13" Macbook Pro."

Here are some great options that we found, and would be happy to tote around day-to-day. Good luck in the job search!!


 We'd love to get some more requests from our readers. Have any questions for Oh Buoy that you'd like to see featured on the blog? Post on our Facebook page or send us and email!


Wanderlust: Jade Mountain in St. Lucia

When you walk to work / the train every morning, the cold gets old real fast. While we still have a few more months left to hunker down and keep warm, we're dreaming of warm sunshine and tropical locations. Hadn't heard of this resort before, but it looks unreal.
It's like a giant, mountain-side tree house!

Can I wake up to this view tomorrow, please?
There are countless floors, bridges, and pools just waiting to be explored.

You know that you can expect beautiful weather when the designer chooses to forego building a roof...
Pure paradise.
Images via Jade Mountain


Want It Wednesday - Back to the Gym

With the beginning of each new year, gym memberships soar. Whether you're back on the treadmill, swinging the kettlebells, or getting your down dog on, you gotta look good, right? Personally, we love investing in good workout gear that fits well, lasts for years, and of course, just so happens to be ever so stylish. Here's some of our faves to show off with the resolution gym crowd.