A Boston Wedding

Time sure flies...today we are reliving Amanda's wedding on her 6 month anniversary. Her reception was on the waterfront in Boston's Seaport, so she naturally added nautical elements to her special day, and made sure that the city she loves played a big role. Here a few pictures from the big day!

Driving a Duck Boat in the Charles!

An Oh Buoy wedding photo

Photos were taken by the talented Shane Godfrey.


  1. Love - Beautiful!

    And now desperate to know where the boston cake toppers came from - those are adorable!!!! I would love to do something similar... is it from a bakery in the city?

    1. Thank you!!

      The cakes were done Raffaella from Dolce Sorpresa. She bakes out of her home and is amazingly talented. The cakes were not only delicious, but works of art (the topper is made out of sugar)! She was a pleasure to work with.


  2. I can't believe its been that long! Happy 6 mos Anniversary!!

  3. Swoon. Definitely my dream wedding. You look stunning Amanda-- happy 6th months to you!


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