Easter Basket Inspiration

What do you like to put in your Easter baskets? We think the best baskets keep it simple. Here's a few tips for building a lovely little basket.

  • Go for quality chocolates—Lindt makes the perfect gold bunny and many other delectable spring treats you can find here
  • Adding candy do mason jars is an easy way to reduce the packaging clutter. 
  • Beauty items are the perfect size to fit the basket. Here we've used nail polish from Chanel and Essie in spring colors and a deliciously tangerine EOS lip balm. 
  • Don't forget a few Oh Buoy gifts your little Easter bunny will love!

Who wants to buy all that stuffing for the bottom of your basket? It's a waste of money that immediately gets thrown away. Here's how to make your own from scraps of paper you already have laying around the house! Wrapping paper scraps and even newspapers work well for this purpose. 

Cut a strip of paper about 2 inches wide.

Fold the paper in half lengthwise.
 Cut notches perpendicular to the long edge, almost all the way to the end. 

 Flip the paper around and cut notches going the other way in between each of the original notches. Remember to not cut all the way through!

 Cut the entire length of the folded edge.

 Gently pull on the ends to loosen the pieces.

 Rip or cut the long strips into smaller pieces and throw them in the basket!


  1. That looks adorable! I love making gift baskets for people, regardless of the occasion!



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