Sand Sculptures at Revere Beach

What's more impressive than a perfectly sculpted, super detailed work of art? One that's made entirely of beach sand. We took a trip down to Revere Beach this weekend to check out the national Sand Sculpting Festival and were amazed by what we found. The detail on these pieces was incredible! As inspired as we were, I think we'll stick to laying in the sand and leave the sculpting to the pros.

Shirt / GAP
Shorts / J.Crew
Belt / J.Crew
Sandals / Jack Rogers
Jewelry / Oh Buoy Boston, Kiel James Patrick, Kate Spade, Vintage
Sunglasses / American Eagle
Bag / Longchamp

Dress (worn as skirt) / Holebrook
Shirt / GAP
Hat / Black Dog
Sandals / J.Crew
Jewelry / Oh Buoy Boston / Pink Pineapple


  1. Those are absolutely amazing! I have seen people making sculptures before out of sand, and I think it's incredible. And love both of your outfits!


  2. Uh these are insane, how have I never been to this?! And you two are looking just fab in your chambray :)


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