I will admit it. I (Lindsey) am addicted to podcasts. At any given time, I have one of my favorites playing in my ear buds. On my walk to work, sitting at my desk, riding the T, or grabbing groceries—I'm listening to conversations and stories that keep me entertained and informed. Amanda recently asked me for some podcast recommendations and I was more than happy to talk her ear off about my top choices. Here's a little bit about each of my favorites. 
What podcasts do you love??

Each week they pick a theme and put together stories on that theme. I particularly love shows about the holidays and stories by David Sedaris.

A story telling podcast. Sometimes there are themes. Sometimes anything goes. I've laughed, cried, gasped, and enjoyed every moment.

Adam Carolla's News Girl has created a truly unique podcast. Monday interviews with guests range from completely intimate and serious to silly, light-hearted, and fun. Thursday shows have you feeling like you're hanging out with your group of friends at home—and wanting to chime in on the conversation!

Two words. Terry Gross.

Serial is a new "spinoff" of This American Life. Rather than picking a new theme, Serial focuses on one story from week to week, always leaving you wanting more.

All seriousness flies out the door with this one. Crazy, hilarious, pee your pants comedy improv with some of the greats.


  1. I don't actually listen to any podcasts! I'm glad to have some recommendations for ones to listen to though :) xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

  2. I'm addicted to podcasts too! I'm a huge fan of Rob has a Podcast and Postshow Recaps, you should check them out!


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