Lindsey here. Sorry for radio silence on the blog. But we've had some exciting things going on! I got married and went away on a honeymoon, and Amanda is now a mommy to the adorable Mr. Teddy! Now that we are back to real life, we promise we'll get back into the swing of things. First up: HONEYMOONING

 We stayed at Sugar Beach, a Viceroy resort, and it was FABULOUS. If you are looking for a luxury spot in the Caribbean—this is it. The atmosphere is crazy beautiful. The resort is nestled between the 2 Piton volcanic mountains, with a perfect beach, huge pool, really impressive food, a Rainforest Spa, and unbeatable views. 

I had a bit of a struggle pairing down my packing in the beginning, but I ended up being very happy with my choices. So I wanted to share my thoughts about where I landed with you. And let us know, what are your vacation must haves?
Airport outfit - When you're getting up at 3am for a flight, comfort is huge. But we are not about showing up in your pjs. J.Crew shorts paired with a comfy LuLuLemon top make for the perfect traveling gear. I always bring a jacket for unexpected airplane temps and hats are hard to pack, so just wear it!

Vaca footware - Anyone else find it impossible to not overpack pack shoes? I stuck with 3 pairs of sandals (all comfortable for walking!), 1 wedge, 1 heel, and my sneakers. The perfect selection for the week.

The White T - I'm a huge proponent of a classic white T. It's comfy, always classic, and goes with anything. My favorite is this SkarGorn oversized T from Madewell. 

Silk Scarf - A must have for traveling. It was always warm in St. Lucia, but there was a bit of a breeze some evenings. A silk scarf is the perfect extra layer that can cover up that breeze and keep you looking tr├Ęs chic. I brought this Kate Spade "Love is in the Air" scarf out with my every night.

Cruising - I'm in love with statement shorts. Big patterns, neon colors, and bold textures—pair them with a simple T and you're good to go!

Resort Whites - Half of my honeymoon wardrobe was white. Nothing looks better than flowy white clothes on a fresh tan.

Lightweight Pants - I almost forgot to bring these since pants were the last thing on my mind while packing. But they ended up being perfect for the warm breezy nights AND they helped with the bugs. If I could find one complaint for this tropical island, it was the bugs. The mosquitos just loved me, so covering up my legs in the evening was sometimes quite necessary. 

Now, when can I go back??

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