Oh Buoy Abodes: Nautical Dining Chair DIY

Ever since moving into a new apartment 3x's the size of my old one (see the old place here and here), I've been doing my best to channel Martha Stewart with some DIY projects to customize our new space. This is my favorite project so far - re-covering these dining room chairs in a bold, navy & white striped fabric. I love the way it turned out, and refreshed an old set of furniture!
I was so happy when my parents offered their old dining room set to us. It was originally a hand-me-down to them at their first apartment, from a neighbor who was moving. The set had been in storage in their basement for years, and the original seat covers showed that (and a couple were missing entirely). While cleaning the chairs up, we noticed that they were made in Massachusetts!

We went with a thick foam (bought at JoAnn Fabrics) to make the seats extra comfortable. I also used outdoor fabric, which is a bit sturdier and stain resistant. A discovery we made - if you are using a light/white fabric, the green of the cushion will show through. We just added a layer of thin cotton fabric underneath, and that solved the problem.
It was a lot easier with two sets of hands - one person holds the fabric as tight as possible while the other staples. The foam smoothed over the edges perfectly using this technique. 
The finished product!

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